Luton and Leighton Area (LLAM) meeting Link group invited London Link to come to their SUMMER LINK event at Watford meeting house

We took the train up from Friends House and arrived at Watford a bit earlier than expected. Thank you everyone for being so prompt! We introduced our selves with a few name games and joined up with the LLAM linkers, making 20 of us in all, many of us knew each other through Summer School and from previous Link ups so we quickly re-connected.

We then went off to Cassiobury park where we had an energetic game of rounders and relaxed in the very sunny weather. After we walked back to the meeting house, where Alistair Fuller, Outreach Officer for Britain Yearly Meeting joined us to talk to us about Talking about theism and non-theism. We explored how we communicate the concept of GOD and the different approaches and vocabulary we might use to help us.

We had some free time while the group on the rota helped to prepare food. Watford meeting has a fantastic garden and it being great weather we had a BBQ. As the evening drew in we gathered round the fire chatting and listening and signing to some guitar playing which lead us into an epilogue around fire. Free time and then bed (well,  floor).

On Sunday we had breakfast and went back out into the garden to play table tennis, swing on the swing, bounce on the trampoline or just chat with chickens until it was time for Meeting. After meeting we continued the theme of theism and non-theism by discussing some quotations from “Twelve Quakers and God” in smaller groups in a creative listening session.

After this we had a picnic lunch in the garden, some free time, a short evaluation session and then back home.

Thank you to all the volunteers from London Link and, especially to Luton and Leighton Link group committee for organising and inviting London Link group to their SUMMER LINK event.