Useful documents:

  1. London Link Handy book
  2. Volunteer guidelines
  3. YP Boundaries
  4. Risk analysis template
  5. London Link Group TOR
  6. Expenses policy
  7. Poster
  8. Reports
  9. New volunteer application form
  10. Privacy policy
  11. Publicity guide
  12. Safeguarding policy
  13. Safeguarding training notes
  14. A guide to DBS checks
  15. Email addresses
  16. Mailing list
  17. Online booking system
  18. Volunteer reference template

Email addresses:

We have a number of email lists that we use to send out emails:

llg – If you send to this address it sends to all subscribers to London Link Group (about ~304 people at the time of writing)

llg-committee  If you send to this address it sends to all the members of the London Link Group committee

llg-volunteers  If you send to this address it sends to all the people who volunteer to help out with London Link Group events.

Management of the lists is done via mailman.

Managing Mailing list:

The mailing list software isn’t very user friendly so ask Michael if you get stuck.

To manage subscriptions:

  1. Go to and select the mailing list you wish to manage.
  2. Login with your own user account
  3. i. To remove people, go to “Users” menu item then “Members” browse to the person’s record(s) and tick the checkbox next to them, then click the “Remove Selected
    ii.  To add people select “Mass Operations menu” and click “Mass subscribe” in the menu then use the text entry box to add email addresses (one per line),  click “Subscribe users”

Online Booking:

The online event booking system can be activated by logging into the dashboard of this website. If you don’t have a login please ask the clerk.

To create a new event:

  1. Login to wordpress via
  2. Go to “QEvents”
  3. Click “Add new event”
  4. Fill in the details, the email address entered will be used to send booking notifications to.
  5. Add a password and click save, It is very important not to lose this password, there is no recovery option.

To download the event booking data:

  1. Login to wordpress via
  2. Go to “QEvents”
  3. Click the event name you want to download the data for
  4. In the right hand column Enter the password you created
  5. Select either spreadsheet or pdf and click Download

Be careful where you store this download, ideally only view it each time rather than saving it. Printed copies should be kept securely and destroyed after the event. Avoid emailing this around, if a participant list is needed to be shared, only email a list of first names for example.