Elizabeth Hooten 22.9.13bLondon Link joined Westminster Quakers and other audience members for a unique Sunday afternoon performance on 22nd Sept 2013. Lynn Morris performed her one-woman show ‘Lover of Souls’, about the ‘mother of Quakerism’ Elizabeth Hooten. The dramatisation showed what a strong and outspoken woman Elizabeth Hooten was, and showed the persecution of early Quakers. Lynn talked to us about the show afterwards, including highlighting how there were still remaining inequalities between Quaker men and women at that time, and about the Palestinian charity that she is supporting with the proceeds of the show. It was a really interesting afternoon and it felt a privilege to see and hear Lynn share Elizabeth Hooten’s story.

Before the show was Quaker Meeting (lots of ministry), and a classic delicious shared lunch with other members of the Meeting (think humous, fancy cheese and Rocky bars). It was a relaxing afternoon of hanging out together, and playing with Westminster Meeting’s younger children in the newly refurbished Meeting House. Lots of tea was drunk, and a good time was had by all.