London Teenage Quaker Meeting Boundaries

Boundaries & Safeguarding

London Teenage meeting is a Quaker Meeting for Teenagers from across Greater London and beyond. It is run independently by the Meeting of 13-18 year olds.

For safeguarding, and health and safety at the Meeting, we will have adult support provided by London Link Committee and 2 adult volunteers (DBS checked) at each meeting, as well as help with the premises by Westminster Quaker Meeting.

All attendees are responsible for themselves, this includes their possessions, travel to and from Quaker Meeting, health needs and conduct at Meeting.

Inclusiveness: As Quakers we believe in the equality of everyone and it is important that everyone attempts to get on well with each other to build a sense of community. No-one should feel excluded or isolated because of race, age, gender, ability, sexuality, culture or class. At London Teenage Meeting we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable so please think carefully about the words you use, jokes you tell and any actions which may be hurtful and upset others. Please be considerate of others and think about how you can contribute to an inclusive atmosphere.

Smoking, alcohol, and recreational drugs are not allowed.

Safety: All participants must observe the health and safety rules which apply to the site, including any off-limits areas.

Other people may be on site during our stay. Please be considerate towards their needs and feelings. If you have any concerns about people you meet on site,
let an adult volunteer know immediately.

Photos on social media/the internet: You should obtain permission from attendees before uploading photos of them to social media and other websites. Please be considerate towards the feelings of others – some people may feel uncomfortable about certain images appearing in public places.