The committee is run by volunteers that are nominated and co-opted from the Area meetings in London.
We meet 3 times a year and oversee the organising of the events.


London Area meeting representative (AM rep)

London Link group committee is primarily made up of Area meeting representatives. This involves:

  • Publicity for events and general awareness of LLG
  • Reporting to AM (if required by AM)
  • Arranging funding from AM
  • Helping to discern dates, policy, financial matters, nominations, event ideas and committee business
  • Helping to liaise with local meetings hosting London Link group events
  • Possibly taking on a role within the committee
  • Possibly volunteering at or organising events

Roles within the committee

  • Publicity coordinator
  • Safeguarding coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant clerk
  • Clerk

Event volunteers

  • Help with the planning event
  • Help running of the event