On the 30th April London Link Group hosted the Leaveners to run a workshop called ‘Animated Voices’. 2 workshop facilitators from the Leaveners,  3 London Link Group volunteers and 9 Young people met early on the Saturday at Hampstead Meeting house.

The aim of the day was to try and create a short film using stop motion techniques. The first job was to decide on a story to tell. After much deliberation a concept was born. The story was then worked out further by making story boards.

After lunch and a quick walk on Hampstead heath, we split into two groups; each with different parts of the story to film. To create the characters we used craft materials and improvised with various things around us to build up the scenes. Each person in the group had different roles, for example, camera operator and director. Each frame was then set out and photographed. At various points during the process we checked on the animation by rendering the frames together into a video.

It was a challenging but rewarding process seeing our scenes come alive! We hope to have an edited version of the film out soon and ready for screening at BYM.

“And the Oscar goes to… “

We’d like to thank all at the Leaveners that made this workshop possible, all the young people for their creativity, London Link volunteers for hosting and Hampstead meeting for the use of their Meeting house.