On the 6th to the 8th of March 20 young people and 5 volunteers gathered at Hampstead Meeting house

We started the weekend on Friday evening, as we always do by making sure everyone is introduced and welcomed! We were glad to welcome a few new faces this weekend. The second highest priority was food of course, so we had some dinner. After dinner we got the paints out and made some really creative placards for Saturday’s climate awareness march “Time to act“.

2015-03-08 16.11.00We had an epilogue and then off to bed.

On Saturday we woke early and got a good breakfast in us for the long day ahead. We also made some pack lunches to keep us going later on. After a briefing we made our way into central London by Lincoln’s Inn Fields to meet up with other Quakers who had also assembled for the march. More about Quakers & climate change

Some lunch, photo opportunities, autographs  and we were ready to set off for Parliament square via the Strand. The atmosphere of the march was like a carnival with music systems, crazy costumes, bright banners and lots of people (organisers reckoned around 20,000).

Having thoroughly made our point and worn our legs out we returned back to Hampstead for some free time and rest. Into the evening we had dinner and played some of our favourite games, such as Zombies, Sardines, Empire and my new favourite, Newspaper hockey, epilogue then bed.

Sunday we had a bit of a lie in and a leisurely breakfast, some of us joined Hampstead meeting for it’s full meeting, while others joined a session of “any questions” where we wrote down questions that came to us and some people nominated themselves to answer them. We then went and joined the main meeting for the last 15mins. After lunch we headed out to Hampstead heath and played some games. Some coco back at the meeting house and then home time.

We’d like to thank Hampstead meeting for having us, all the volunteers, parents/guardians and young people for another fantastic weekend.