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Booking open for London Link in Lewes

Lewes Meeting House

Further details will be sent by email.

We’re heading from London to Lewes in East Sussex to the beautiful market town of Lewes (which has a recently refurbished Meeting House). There will be the usual array of hanging out, great food, visit to castle and gardens (tbc), seeing the town, games, Quaker reflection and the fun of camping out with Friends in a meeting house.

Book now!

London Link in Southend – day trip to Adventure Island theme park

We met by the Kindertransport statue outside Liverpool Street station, or some of us did – before realising there was another Kindertransport statue inside the station, which also happens to be the dedicated meeting point for the station! So two groups formed, packed lunches in hand, and boarded an early train for Southend.

We arrived at Adventure Island 2 minutes before it opened for the day, Southend Pier and the Thames estuary illuminated by glorious spring sunshine, which was the backdrop for the day, between intermittent brief April showers.

After sampling the thrills of various rides and attractions, we regrouped for a picnic lunch in the Cliff Gardens, supplemented with chips from the many fish and chip outlets. The adrenaline junkies were soon back on the rides, whilst others enjoyed the amusement arcades or took to the beach. At the appointed hour, we met to head back to the station (via the sweet shop!) and return to London on the train, our naps taking the edge off our tiredness from a long but enjoyable day together.

As one of our (older) participants said “I loved the trip to Adventure Island, it was so nice to see friends again and was a solid final London Link event”.

See you in June for the residential in Lewes!


On 28 January 2024 17 young people, and 4 adult volunteers, gathered at Westminster Meeting House for our annual Winterval get-together. As part of this we met a Quokka (well an image of one) and Julia Stacey who kindly agreed to write up an account of our meeting and afternoon….

Hello everyone! I am Julia, the new London Children and Youth Development Worker. I started this job in early January, and I’ve been learning loads. A big part of my job is getting to know everyone, so we can talk about how we can work together. I need to learn about what stuff Quaker teens, children and families are already getting up to, and what else you would like to do. It was fun to join London Link for their Winterval party.

The day of Winterval I walked over to Westminster Meeting House. I was a bit nervous, turns out that feeling never quite goes away when meeting new people! I hadn’t met any of the adults or teenagers yet. I sort of knew what to expect but not much, outside of the fact there would be pizza.

As more friends showed up, I could see many people already knew each other, however, I wasn’t the only new person. Initially, I was feeling a bit shy, but was well welcomed into the conversation. Once everyone arrived, we played some icebreaker games, and my nervousness quickly went away and was replaced by excitement and fun. Afterwards we attended to some business, such as nominations for a new clerk. I also took the opportunity to introduce myself and my work.

Next, we moved onto a Quaker quiz, I never knew how much I didn’t know about Quakers until doing this! From identifying famous Quakers, to filling in the blanks of Quaker quotes I was amazed how much everyone around me knew… thank goodness my teammates knew more than me. Doing the quiz reminded me it would be great to take some time to learn more stuff and read some books from the excellent Friends House shop and library. I want to learn more about the history of young Quakers, knowing more about our past can help inform our future.

After the quiz, we made pizzas. There were loads of vegetables to chop but luckily, I have past professional cooking experience & have been known to prepare lunch for 60 people, so made light work of all the chopping and grating! While working I got to talk with the other volunteers. Sally and I had an amazing conversation about the different eras of Beyonce’s career… along with Quaker stuff of course! It was no mean feat for everyone to make and cook their pizza with only one oven, but all that just made it taste even better.

As we finished off our pizzas, we began tidying up before heading into epilogue. The lights had been turned off, and fairy lights had been arranged in the centre of the circle. This experience of worship was so beautiful, the dark room lit only by the warm fairy lights was very calming. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can go about worship in a way that doesn’t fundamentally change it, but rather expands it.

Once epilogue was over, we all worked together to finish tidying up and people began to head home. I was tired out but was happy about how the day went. I can’t wait to get to spend more time with London Link and getting to know everyone better. The day also taught me a lot about what makes a successful Quaker event, apparently quizzes are the way to go (hah hah). But more seriously, it showed me how our teenagers are amazingly skilled and confident in leading and planning events and activities. I can’t wait to help them out with future ones.

If you would like to read more about me and my work and find my contact details you can check out my webpage I also hope to launch a newsletter soon, if I can ever figure out Mailchimp!

Please contact me if you have questions, ideas, thoughts or just want to say hi! I look forward to hearing from you.

Event announcement: Spring!

Announcing the first London Link Group residential of 2023!

The theme:

“What makes you, you? Exploring the world of our own identities”.

This link group event we’ll be joined by members of the local Luton and Leighton Area Meeting Link group! welcome!

Booking is now open! Please use this link


Young People connected with Quakers aged 11-18


3rd to the 5th of March 2023


Here is the rough timetable (to be confirmed nearer the time)


  • Arrivals from 6pm direct to the Meeting House OR Travel with (volunteer escorted) group meeting at 6pm in London
  • Welcome!
  • Dinner
  • Film night (theme related)
  • Epilogue
  • Sleeeeeep


  • Breakfast
  • Make a pack lunch
  • Free time, Trip into St.Albans in groups and/or Swimming (see also: massive inflatables, opportunity to shower), other alternatives possible
  • Tea back at the Meeting House
  • Theme activity – What makes you, you? Exploring the complex world of our own identities
  • Break
  • Dinner
  • Games
  • Epilogue
  • Sleeeeeep


  • Breakfast
  • Quaker Meeting – option to join for full or first 15min
  • Lunch
  • Pick up from 3pm from the Meeting House OR 3pm group heads back to London

This event is “indoor camping”, you will need a sleeping mat, a pillow and all the usual things for a weekend away. Reminder: If you’d like to go swimming please don’t forget to bring your swimming things.

All the food will be vegetarian or vegan. Please make sure to put dietary requirements on the booking form.

The cost is £10, it is London Link Group policy that no one should be prevented due to cost. Please let us know on the booking form if you’d like to have a bursary.


Booking is now open! Please use this link

Please contact us if you’ve not received the details already.

Other info:

Please make sure to remain vigilant with regards to coronavirus infections, if the participant has any symptoms please check and contact us.

Event announcement – Epic in Epping

Come and have an epic time with us in Epping on the evening of the 20/09/2019 to afternoon on 22/09/2019.

All the usual fun Quakery stuff. Plus we’re hoping to do a couple of trips out to some local attractions such as the Epping and Ongar railway!

There will be a group travelling from Central London to Epping or you can meet us at Epping Quaker Meeting House.  More details will be sent to those who are booked on.

If you’re planning on being on the climate strike we have some plans around this too, such as a luggage room and joining some other activities lead by BYM staff.

If you have any questions or haven’t received the event details please email

Please fill in the booking form ASAP.


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